Air Boot Cast For Broken Foot

The Short Walker Boot offers a solution to a number of indications related to the forefoot, mid-foot and hind foot injuries, as well as some ankle injuries. Low Aircast Boot is the short version. Use Aircast Walking Boot for: sprained ankle, ankle fracture, metatarsal fracture, Hallux Valgus. Shop a Boot Cast. The air short cam walking boot can be used for acute ankle sprains, soft tissue injuries, stable lower leg, foot and ankle fractures and post-operative use. SlimLine cast boot protects cast or bandages for broken foot or broken toe · Sizing for SlimLine · SlimLine can fit casts, bandages, and wound care dressings. Walking boots protect broken bones and other injuries of the lower leg, ankle, or foot air from a hair dryer or fan into the boot to help relieve itching.

The boot provides ankle deloading, immobilization and support to the fractured ankle/lower leg. Walker boots can be a substitute for casts or be used in the. Aircast Boots are medical boots used to help treat lower leg injuries and help support the ankle joint. Aircast Boots can be inflated for maximum support. Shop tall (high-top) medical walking boots for ankle & foot injuries. Treat stress fractures, broken ankle bones, and severe ankle sprains. walking boot, works to immobilize the movement of the ankle when walking. It is commonly used to resolve a variety of lower leg and foot injuries or conditions. The standard walking boot provides support after a surgical procedure. For ALL Boots that are applied in theatre and that have a dressing applied. A walking boot allows weight to be put onto the injured foot as you recover. MKO Sprint Air Walker Cast Short. As low as $ Add to Cart. Add to Wish. Orthopedic boots protect broken bones and other injuries of the lower leg, ankle, or foot. air from a hair dryer or fan into the boot to help relieve itching. Buy Aircast foot braces with air cast technology for injury swelling & fracture support. % In Stock; Free Same Day Shipping on. A walking boot is a medical shoe used to protect the foot and ankle after an injury or surgery. It can be used for broken bones, tendon injuries.

Walker boot can substitute for a cast or be used in case of early cast removal. It helps in the early ambulation of the patient with ankle/lower leg fractures. For an injury like a stress fracture, another technique to help provide added stabilization to your foot is to wear an arch support with one's air boot cast. It is important to note, however, that Air Cast Boots are intended only for minor injuries and should not be used in place of a cast for treating major injuries. Hi, the boot and cast have two different purposes: 1. cast is to ensure that the patient has complete nonweight bearing on the broken ankle. usually comes. You've been given an Aircast® boot to protect your injured leg from further injury. broken or damaged you continue to have significant pain and swelling even. Close this search box. Home / Products / Foot Ankle Bracing / Walker Boots. Walker J Walker Plus – J Walker · Vectra Air Basic. Protect the ankle after an injury or surgery. Semi-rigid and rigid shell designs to support the limb while providing protection. Pneumatic (air cell) options to. AirCast Walking Boot This is a guide on how to apply and thus remove your AirCast walking boot following your injury. AirCast boots are used for many injuries. Premium Air Walker Post OP Boot Leg Cast is a walking FEATURES: It includes a self-contained pneumatic system, which allows pressure to decrease.

How tight should the air cast boot be? How to shower with a non-weight-bearing leg? The best way to survive non-weight bearing? Do you need crutches with. Orthopedic boots protect broken bones and other injuries of the lower leg, ankle, or foot. air from a hair dryer or fan into the boot to help relieve itching. A walking boot being used to aid weight bearing after an ankle fracture. For more severe fractures, a traditional cast may still be preferable. References. foot and ankle during the healing process after an injury. Also known as walking casts, air casts, fracture boots or a CAM (Controlled Ankle Motion) boot. Fracture Shoe and Cast Boot Moon Twp $ Surgical Shoe- nonbendable, wooden shoe(post op shoe), used after surgery or injury to keep the foot from bending.

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